Combine digital music production with analogue audio technology. You will make use of hardware and software and have experience in all genres of modern pop and rock music. You are able to technically carry out a studio production professionally - from recording to the final mix.

In order to achieve the diploma degree you have to successfully accomplish the following certificate courses. Each course has a duration of 6 month (1 semester). Modules which do not build on one another can also be taken in parallel. It is therefore possible to complete the diploma program either in 6 semesters (regular study time) or in 3 semesters (intense study time).

  •  Digital & analogue music production
  •  Recording & mixing in the sound studio
  •  Midi, loops & sample libraries
  •  Synthesizer & virtual sound generators
  •  Signal processing with EQ, dynamics & FX

Program structure

Program details

3 semester (18 months)

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