For more than 30 years curiosity, emotion and the highest level of passion has been my engine towards my fascinating journey into the world of music and media. In 1989, I established Dorian Gray Studios, one of the most popular production studios for music, speech and film productions in Europe.

A few years later, with further development of the business it became necessary for different departments to trade under the name Music Support Group to accommodate the expansion.

This media company allowed me to realise my dream of combining all of the departments such as music, sound, marketing, event management, communication, design, fashion, and lifestyle and deliver it under one roof. The combining of different disciplines lead to many new successful products and services being produced for the creative arts industry.

Nowadays, the convergence of media is taken for granted. It is becoming more and more important to have a broad skill set in order to succeed in the international employment market. 


Everybody, even consumers, have to learn to deal with new media technology in their every day life. 
After coming to the realisation that I was lacking appropriate employees for my media company, I invested in intern education and advanced training with practical relevance for the employees. This led to the creation of the Education Department known as Deutsche POP.

The exchanging of information between industries and lecturers with practical experience gave rise to new Diplomas being offered for the first time through the academy. This resulted in the creation of jobs as new professions were being developed in the world of media. Furthermore, to accommodate the request for international career opportunities the collaboration with the University of West London was introduced. This allows students to build on the skills learned in the Diploma and further their education by providing them with the opportunity to study a Bachelor or Masters Degree.

United POP as an international academy allows the curriculum to be delivered at a consistent quality across 15 campuses that are situated in four countries and spread over two continents.


Advancement in Technology has resulted in flexible study options including blended learning which combines classroom tutorials with distance education. Interdisciplinary assignments allow students across all campuses and departments to work on projects together during their diploma.

Therefore, giving students the opportunity to establish networks and gain experience from different industries for successful entry into their chosen career. Making it to the top in music and media no longer means playing an instrument perfectly or mastering certain software. Handling the business reliably and knowing how different departments interact with each other is the basic requirement for success in this business.

In a time where music and media dominate our every day life, there is an increase in job opportunities within this sector. Deutsche POP and United POP offer students the pathway into the unbelievable variety and possibilities of the creative arts industry.

- Rüdiger J. Veith (Founder of music support group / United POP / Deutsche POP)