Can I study while working full-time?

Yes. Our courses are designed to fit to your life and not the other way around.

What if I can not attend one or more of the virtual classroom sessions?

All virtual classroom sessions will be recorded and you can watch them any time as often as you want.

Do I need to buy additional software/ hardware?

This depends on the course/ programme you choose. Please contact us for further information.

Do I have to attend the on-location sessions?

We strongly recommend to attend them because they are an important part of the course concept. If you can not attend them, you need to find alternative ways to get the necessary practical experience that is required to pass the practical exam.

Are there any semester breaks?

No, at United POP Online we don’t have regular semester breaks. But there are breaks of 2-3 weeks between the single courses if you book a whole program or several courses in a row.

Why decide for United POP?

United POP is not only a school, but also a network of professionals with over 30 years of successful market experience in the creative field. You will be working in a communicative environment and have the chance to develop your own professional network. United POP Online offers you a variety of special learning resources and a hands-on insight into different subject areas. Your study times are flexible and you will have lifelong access to the documented material.

Do I need a visa to study at United POP Online?

You do not need a visa to enroll for studying at United POP Online. When it comes to the hands-on live sessions you may need to travel which then may also require to have a Visa. Please make an appointment with us, where we can have a look at your individual situation and requirements.

I have studied some courses that relate to some of the subjects already. Is there something like a test of prior knowledge so that I can “skip” a course/speed up my study?

We are happy to answer this question during a personal consultation as it depends on the type of course and what kind of qualification you have earned.